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Are dental fears keeping you from having a healthy mouth?


Are you afraid of going to the dentist?


Has it been a long time since your last dental appointment due to fear?


Do you have sensitive teeth and gums?


Are you immune to traditional methods of numbing techniques?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then conscious sedation is for you.


At Diamond Dental Solutions, we recognize that it may be hard to relax during dental procedures. If you’ve worked on your fears for quite some time to no avail, sedation dentistry just might be for you. Additionally, if you have a low pain threshold, struggle with your gag reflex, or have very sensitive teeth, sedation dentistry could eliminate your problems. Luckily, Dr. Matt Holley’s certification in sedation dentistry will provide you with a safe way to get through even the most daunting of dental procedures in the blink of an eye.


A few different types of sedation dentistry exist to put your mind at ease. The first of these is minimal sedation, a form of sedation in which you are completely conscious, but relaxed. Moderate sedation offers a bit more, deep sedation allowing you to be on the edge of consciousness.  Finally, general anesthesia makes you completely unconscious for the entirety of the procedure. Dentists can administer these in a number of ways. The famous “laughing gas” is placed over your nose and helps you relax just enough so that once your procedure is over, you can even drive home. Oral sedation is also often administered through a pill. The pill is a little stronger than the laughing gas and will make you drowsy upon ingestion. IV sedation allows the dentist to adjust the level of sedation, and of course, general anesthesia lends itself as the strongest form, only to be reversed until the effects wear off or are reversed entirely.


We know these words might sound a little unnerving. How can you trust that your dentist is qualified to perform any kind of sedation? Can any dentist perform them? Dentists must complete a course in sedation in order to perform it on their patients. The course offers everything from the science of sedation to treatment planning, to extensive knowledge on who is the best candidate for sedation dentistry. Dr. Matt Holley is not only certified in moderate sedation, but he also has completed the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) program. The program gives dentists more intense knowledge of sedation techniques, including training in deep sedation and general anesthesia. Not only do Matt Holley’s certifications stand out, but he has also performed countless procedures with sedation dentistry. With his knowledge and experience, you can rest easy knowing you are in experienced and trustworthy hands.


For more information about sedation dentistry, contact us at Diamond Dental Solutions. Matt Holley would be happy to go over your dental history, talk to you about his previous experience and your potential candidacy for this option. Diamond Dental Solutions is dedicated to making your visits to the dentist safe and stress-free. So forget your fears, kick back, and relax—the procedure will be over before you know it.

Sedation Dentistry




Matthew D. Holley, D.M.D., P.C.

542 McQueen Smith Road North,

Prattville, Alabama 36066

Phone: (334) 310-8866

Dr. Holley and his staff are always extremely professional, thorough and knowledgeable. It is nice not to dread going to the dentist!


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